The Youth Ed-Venture & Nature Network is a strategic partnership of individuals, organizations and agencies dedicated to increase awareness and engagement of the young people of the Capital District of Albany New York and our Nation, with the common interest in conserving our natural environment, expanding the number and quality of opportunities for children, youth, young adults and families to reconnect with nature and the environment.


  1. DIVERSITY - We promote a diverse community of environmental educators.

  2. RISK - We foster the virtues of positive, calculated risk taking.

  3. ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP - We honor and protect the earth.

  4. RELATIONSHIPS - We nurture a culture of learning through relationships.

  5. EDUCATION - We will continue to explore, research and pursue knowledge about the environment, enabling us to inform and educate others.


  • Use the natural environment as a means of linking people of diverse backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.

  • Create opportunities for individuals and groups to exchange information, ideas and resources concerning the conservation of the natural environment. 

  • Foster a sense of community for inclusion of young people by empowering them as "Stake Holders" in this process.

  • Recruit and foster young individuals who demonstrate interest and talent in the natural resources conservation professions.

  • Expand and foster relationships that promote an understanding and appreciation of natural areas.

  • Seek and coordinate financial and physical resources to enable young people the opportunity to engage with the natural environment.





The Youth EdVenture & Nature Network